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What is the Self-Love Workshop For Teen Girls

Mindfulness Workshop for Teen Girls

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"I struggle juggling my 6 kids and basically life.  I always blamed the outcome on myself, and constantly put other needs before mine.  I started attending the heart healing workshop, not knowing the impact that it itself, Kelsey and Felicia would have on me.  The moment I attended the workshop with Kelsey and Felicia, I instantly opened up and felt this huge relief of hope rush over me.  I’m starting to see things clearly and realize my worth, and seeing the person I lost years ago. Myself.  I’ve noticed that I look at myself different, and have more confidence in my own skin.  Also that I’m not just some tiny persons snack bitch, but that I’m an awesome mom!! I’m on this journey for myself, and I can’t wait to see my outcome." -Krystal-

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