Self-Love Workshop for Teen Girls

Self-Love Workshop for Teen Girls

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 Do you remember being a teen? Man was it tough am I right? Can you even imagine being a teen nowadays?! These girls are so strong, brave and incredible and any extra help they can get is so needed!

     This workshop will be a 6 week program and will be filled with hands on activities such as "your word" crystal bracelets, negative self-talk exercises, how to form positive habits and so much more. It will also be packed with incredible knowledge that Kelsey has collected from her colorful past, strong will to overcome anything and thousands of dollars worth of information she has accumulated from all over the world. 

    Kelsey has a strong desire to continue to learn and grow herself and a passion to share this with the world to create transformation and healing within our teens. 

     The workshop will be focused on teaching these young girls self-love first and foremost. But will teach mindfulness, boundaries, how to find their own voice, manifestation, how to create healthy relationships and so much more. These girls become so close to each other during this workshop and are so great at holding a safe space for each other as we do this work. These workshops are so inspirational, healing and beyond fun! If you know Kelsey you know she is always down for a good time through healing, love and ZERO JUDGMENT. 

So Sign up below and bring a friend cause spots are filling up fast!